The Pi GEN Ai CoE (Center of Excellence) is dedicated to empowering businesses by initiating their journey into the era of Artificial Intelligence. With a focus on practicality and real-world application, we leverage a diverse array of business use cases to kickstart this transformative process. We understand that AI adoption can be daunting, which is why we offer tailored solutions and guidance to help organizations navigate this landscape effectively. By showcasing tangible examples of AI's impact on various facets of business operations, we aim to inspire confidence and facilitate the seamless integration of AI technologies into business workflows.

Pi STORM (Strategic Technology and Operation Road Map)

A GEN AI Framework, pioneered by Pi, stands as a comprehensive tool tailored for businesses venturing into the age of AI. Its core mission is to facilitate the initiation of the Generative AI journey by furnishing a strategic roadmap, pinpointing real-world business use cases, and driving value generation through seamless implementation. We understand that each business operates within its own context, facing specific challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we work closely with them to identify specific needs and objectives, ensuring that the Generative AI solutions we propose are perfectly aligned with their overall strategic vision.

  • Industry expertise, innovative technology insights, and understanding of business operations
  • Assist businesses in integrating Generative AI into workflows effectively.
  • Formulate actionable plans tailored to enhancing customer experiences, optimizing internal processes, or unlocking new revenue streams.
  • Provide strategic roadmaps for successful implementation and long-term business growth.
  • Utilize the Pi STORM framework for navigating the complexities of Generative AI adoption.
  • Ensure strategies are backed by thorough planning and alignment with core business objectives.
Strategic Technology and Operation Road Map for businesses entering the era of AI

Gen AI Service Offerings

Strategy and Advisory

Benefit from our strategic advisory services for tailored adoption of Generative AI. Our experienced advisors collaborate with your team to define comprehensive strategies aligned with your goals. We identify areas for AI value, assess risks and opportunities, and develop implementation roadmaps. With our expertise, navigate AI adoption confidently, maximizing its benefits for your organization.

Readiness Assessment

Our GEN AI Readiness Assessment service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's readiness to adopt Generative AI technologies. By understanding and examining your business challenges, goals, current capabilities, and infrastructure, we pinpoint areas for enhancement. With this insight, we collaboratively construct a tailored roadmap for effective Generative AI adoption. This strategic plan ensures alignment with your business objectives, empowering you to tap into the full potential of AI.


Facilitate use case identification, ideation, and design thinking sessions tailored to your business objectives. Through these collaborative workshops, we aim to uncover innovative solutions that drive tangible value and transformation within your business. From ideation to implementation, we foster creativity and strategic thinking, empowering you to leverage generative AI effectively for impactful business use cases.

Build POC's and MVP's

Create Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to validate the technical feasibility of your Generative AI ideas across various use cases. Pi AI CoE will guide you through the development process, assisting in building, testing, and refining your solutions to ensure they effectively address specific use cases aligned with your organization’s business goals. We work closely with you, leveraging our expertise to streamline development and accelerate time-to-market. Through iterative testing and feedback loops, we ensure that the final product meets both technical requirements and user expectations, setting the stage for successful deployment and adoption within your organization.

Roadmap Development

After successful use case identification and PoC implementation, we craft a detailed roadmap for Generative AI solution integration. This roadmap includes project outlines, generated value, necessary technologies, GPU infrastructure, and resource requirements. Following a thorough stakeholder review, we provide a tailored roadmap to guide seamless integration within your organization. It simplifies complexities and ensures optimal outcomes by directing technology and talent selection. Additionally, we carefully assess GPU alternatives based on computing needs, memory capacity, CUDA cores, and tensor cores for optimal performance.

Implementation and Monitoring

After roadmap approval, we focus on implementing Generative AI within your organization. This involves deploying solutions, monitoring performance, and making adjustments to ensure value delivery. Strategies outlined in the roadmap are translated into actionable steps, including solution deployment, workflow integration, and performance tracking against predefined metrics. Proactive measures address challenges like fine-tuning algorithms or optimizing data pipelines. Continuous adaptation and iteration ensure the responsiveness and effectiveness of Generative AI initiatives over time.