Private Cloud

Our platform offers a diverse array of compute products and services, designed with a platform-agnostic approach to address the unique challenges confronted by enterprises. Businesses can seamlessly choose from our carefully crafted product stack, enabling them to scale, grow, and effortlessly meet industry demands with enhanced efficiency and optimized TCO. It's a strategic leap towards a future where technology empowers without burdening, providing the agility needed for sustained success.

Focus On Your Business, Not IT

Let us manage your IT infrastructure while you manage your business. Instead of investing in building your IT infrastructure and hassling through its maintenance, accelerate your digital transformation with high-performance Compute on Pi Cloud.

Explore A Wide Range Of Compute Products & Services

Platform agnostic product stack on Pi Cloud is designed and developed keeping in mind the business challenges faced by enterprises. Now businesses can pick suitable products to scale, grow and meet industry demands with ease, efficiency and optimized TCO.

Virtual Machines

Accelerate your digital transformation with Virtual servers offering a stable, secure, highly available and easy to deploy environments for your data and applications. Multiple operating systems (OS) environments can co-exist on the same machine. Pick a hypervisor of your choice and integrate your multi cloud environments with Pi Cloud. VMs on Pi Cloud, ensure enterprise application provisioning, continuous availability, near zero maintenance and ease of data recovery. It delivers seamless availability of services withstanding demand spikes.


Auto Scaling

Upscale and downsize your resources on a click

Scale Of Economics

Optimal TCO without compromising on quality and availability

Simple Service Interface

Configure and optimise your capacity with minimal friction

Use Cases

Running cloud-native applications

Web hosting

Developing & testing workloads

Databases & other apps requiring faster I/O