About Us

Pi, where the horizon meets innovation, nestled in the heart of Hyderabad, Telangana, redefines the landscape of cloud technology and transcends the singular, evolving into a Multi Cloud Ecosystem that ushers in a new era of seamless integration with its Multi-locale Resilient Infrastructure. By harnessing the potential of connectivity and scalability, we pave the path for a smooth digital transformation where your business aspirations soar to new heights. Enhance your digital journey with a hint of Pi.

About Pi Cloud.ai

Pi Cloud.ai is a pivotal offering at the intersection of AI and Cloud Computing. This platform represents a paradigm shift in the world of digital technology. In the industry of high-end computing and advanced technology, Pi Cloud.ai leads the charge in transforming possibilities. We simplify the complex, reshape the computing landscape through integrated and high-performance infrastructure. This includes GPU powered superior computing capabilities. Launching businesses into a future where innovation meets the required dynamic digital workloads.

By harnessing the vast potential of AI, we aim to redefine the boundaries of cloud computing, offering not just advanced solutions but also integrating them with every digital ecosystem that enables seamless collaboration across various business domains. Our continuous pursuit of pushing the technological envelope, coupled with an unwavering dedication to providing premier service, positions Pi Cloud.ai squarely at the leading edge of the digital revolution. As technology continues its steady march forward, so does our vision. By leveraging AI, we offer personalized and intelligent solutions that cater to the unique needs of each digital requirement. Here, the future is not an abstract concept but a tangible reality. Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery as you uncover the future of cloud computing with Pi Cloud.ai.

Our Pi Cloud Point Of Presence


Vijayawada Cloud Zone

(Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh)

  • icon Uptime Institute Tier IV Certified
  • icon Built on 10 acres datacenter campus (1st and only in India)
  • icon No of Racks : Upto 5000
  • icon Built Up Area : 50,00,00 Sq.ft
  • icon Power Capacity : Upto 60 MW (dedicated in campus substation)
  • icon Security Levels : Eight Levels Of Stringent Security Layers

Hyderabad Cloud Zone

(Financial District)

  • icon Uptime Institute Tier III Design Compliant (Build To Suit)
  • icon No. of Racks: 83
  • icon White Tile Area: 2,100 sq. Ft.
  • icon Expandable Rack Capacity: 200 (Additional)
  • icon Expandable White Tile Area: 5000 sq. Ft. (Additional Capacity)
  • icon Power Capacity: 3 MW
  • icon Security Levels: Four Levels of Stringent Security Layers
  • icon Rated Power Density per Rack: 6 - 10 KVA

Kochi Cloud Zone

(Kottapuram Road, Aroor)

  • icon Uptime Institute Tier 3 Design Compliant
  • icon No of Racks 200
  • icon Built-Up Area 20,000 Sq.ft
  • icon Power Capacity: 3MW
  • icon Security Levels: Eight Levels Of Stringent Security Layers

Why Pi Cloud.ai?

Businesses often encounter the challenges of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving world. The environment being dynamic, combined power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) emerges as the driving force behind innovating efficiently. Cloud Computing has transformed the way we manage and deploy technology, offering unparalleled scalability and accessibility to everyone.

Key Differentiators

Parallel Processing

Pi Cloud.AI leverages Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to excel in parallel processing. This capability enables the concurrent execution of multiple threads, drastically reducing AI model training time and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Distributed Computing

The cloud infrastructure underpinning Pi Cloud.AI facilitates distributed computing, enabling the seamless deployment of AI workloads across multiple nodes. This not only enhances performance but also fortifies fault tolerance.

TPUs Availability

For tasks that demand exceptional performance in deep learning, Pi Cloud.ai harnesses Tensor Processing Units (TPUs). These specialized hardware accelerators are the driving force behind unmatched AI performance.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Understands the need for data security. By leveraging a hybrid cloud strategy, organizations can safeguard sensitive AI data on-premises while enjoying the scalability of the cloud for AI model training and deployment.

Data Lakes / Data Warehouse Facility

With Pi Cloud.AI, you have access to cost-effective data lakes and data warehouse for storing vast amounts of unstructured and structured data respectively. These data reservoirs are the ideal breeding ground for AI inference.

AI Framework Integration

Leading cloud platforms offer an extensive array of AI libraries and frameworks, and Pi Cloud.AI is no exception. This integration simplifies AI development and harmonizes it with existing workflows.

Hardware Acceleration

Pi Cloud.AI allows you to deploy hardware accelerators as required for AI-specific tasks.

Infrastructure As Code Prowess

Achieve consistency, version control, and rapid deployment by provisioning AI infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools. Pi Cloud.AI ensures that your AI projects move at the speed of thought.

Edge AI Revolution

Pi Cloud.AI extends AI capabilities to the edge, seamlessly integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT). This opens the door to real-time decision-making and local processing, vital for low-latency applications.

AI Ethical Governance

Pi Cloud.AI prioritizes ethical AI practices. It comes equipped with AI governance tools to ensure compliance with regulations and responsible data handling, building trust in your AI endeavors.

Quantifiable ROI

What's the point of investing in AI without quantifiable results? Pi Cloud.AI provides the means to quantify your return on investment through detailed usage and cost analytics, giving you a clear picture of your AI's impact.

Real-time Data Accessibility

For applications that demand real-time decision-making, Pi Cloud.AI delivers inference capabilities that are second to none.