Pi Cloud

As one of the nation's leading Enterprise Cloud Platform, Pi Cloud transforms into a versatile Multi Cloud Ecosystem, revolutionizing seamless integration. Beyond mere connectivity, it embraces a platform-agnostic approach, uniting private and public platforms. Pi Cloud stands out by becoming a fully managed harbor for your cloud environments, providing a holistic perspective through a single, comprehensive view. This panoramic window into your digital infrastructure ensures swift time-to-market, giving enterprises a competitive edge. In your operational journey, Pi Cloud stands as a steadfast companion, showcasing powerful results when vision meets innovation.

GPU Cloud

In an environment where data is everywhere and connectivity is essential, Pi Cloud stands out as the forefront of technical innovation. By harnessing the vast potential of AI and GPU Cloud, we aim to redefine the parameters of cloud computing, offering not just advanced solutions but also integrating them with unparalleled intuitiveness. Our team of experts is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the cloud computing space. Through continuous research and development, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the needs of our clients.

A detailed view of a graphics processing unit (GPU) chip

Public Cloud

Depiction of public cloud infrastructure

The Pi Public Cloud Services helps businesses devise strategies & appropriate planning for building a technology-proficient environment by fostering Flexibility, Scalability, Multi-Tiered Security, and High Redundancy. It brings the best of both worlds for businesses to co-leverage the flexibility of Public Clouds across Oracle (OCI), Azure, AWS, Google (GCP), along with Pi’s seamless integration and comprehensive management suite. It's all about gaining the trust of customers through the safekeeping of their data across agnostic cloud platforms with a fully integrated products and services stack under one umbrella.

Private Cloud

Our platform offers a diverse array of compute products and services, designed with a platform-agnostic approach to address the unique challenges confronted by enterprises. Businesses can seamlessly choose from our carefully crafted product stack, enabling them to scale, grow, and effortlessly meet industry demands with enhanced efficiency and optimized TCO. It's a strategic leap towards a future where technology empowers without burdening, providing the agility needed for sustained success.

Abstract representations illustrating private cloud infrastructure
High On Demand
Close-up view of a GPU chip


Cent OS 7

GPU Memory

Gpu Memory icon

80 GB


vcpu icon



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Storage Icon

1500 GB



Suite of managed services, showcasing efficient and professional management of IT infrastructure

Managed Services

Pi Managed Services (Pi Care) streamlines IT infrastructure management, offering a comprehensive support service with monthly price certainty for efficient IT environment control and emphasizing reduced TCO. Our systematic and proactive approach ensures the currency of your IT setup, enabling quick responses to user needs with a clear accountability point. Access the expertise of our qualified engineers, service desk, and 24*7 monitoring services, backed by strict SLAs. Choose Pi Care for enhanced visibility and transparency, benefiting from user-friendly management and reporting systems that surpass industry standards.