Professional Services

Pi Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of professional services to optimize businesses' cloud infrastructure and operations. Our managed multi-cloud services provide peace of mind, allowing businesses to focus on core operations while we manage their cloud environments. With a unified interface, our multi-cloud ecosystem simplifies management and enables effective cost control. Our flexible models cater to unique business needs, ensuring cost optimization, enhanced security, efficient workload management, and access to innovative AI technologies.

Let Us Manage Cloud On Your Behalf

In the age of expansive cloud adoption, enterprises are faced with the intricate task of managing the complexities inherent in the new ecosystem. This challenge spans critical domains, necessitating substantial investments in time, resources, skill enhancement, and process reconfiguration. The intricacies of navigating this multifaceted landscape are undeniable. However, Pi Cloud's robust Cloud Enablement Services, augmented by Professional Services, redefine this narrative. Our technical expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of cloud adoption, migration, and continuous management. Through the meticulous application of professional expertise, we not only streamline these processes but also empower enterprises to refocus on their core objectives, ensuring a seamless and transformative journey into the cloud era.

Our expert architects assess your digital transformation journey with readiness, best practices, migration plans, and tech tools all in one place.


Our expert architects assess your readiness, best practices, migration plan, tools, and technologies related to your enterprise's digital transformation goals.

Accelerates technology adoption and enhances security and compliance for enterprises.


Migrating workloads to the cloud allows enterprises to adopt new technologies faster while improving security & compliance.

Continuous assessment and audits drive effective gap analysis, process optimization, cost control implementation, and adoption of industry best practices.


Continuous assessment and dipstick audits lead to effective gap analysis, process optimization, the implementation of cost control mechanisms, and industry best practices.

Automation & Multi-Cloud: Uninterrupted uptime for your IT environment.


Time-tested and proven expertise in infrastructure automation and Multi Cloud environments ensure uninterrupted availability of a federated environment for enterprises.

Journey With Pi Cloud Professional And Managed Services

Streamline your critical IT processes and simplify management of your cloud ecosystem

What's In For You?

Professional Services

Integrating Professional Services and Purpose-Aligned Managed Services, Pi Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of expertise encompassing applications, data architectures, and innovative technologies.This holistic approach extends beyond managing enterprise workloads on Pi Cloud, extending to overseeing third-party cloud installations and in-house infrastructure. Our Managed Services ensure a secure and industry-compliant ecosystem while providing day-to-day infrastructure management and continual cost optimization. All aspects are meticulously measured against SLA-driven business objectives, reinforcing our commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions across global cloud platforms.

Public, private, hybrid? We guide your cloud journey (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Advisory & Consulting

Public private, and hybrid cloud approaches, cloud deployment models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), reference architectures, security policy and cloud management platform,

Automate & accelerate large-scale app migration to Pi Cloud.

Large-Scale Migration

Automate and accelerate the migration of large numbers of applications on Pi Cloud

Design, build, & commission best-in-class global NOC & CSOC for your cloud.

G-NOC, C-SOC Setup

Get best in class global noc and csoc designed, built and commissioned

Eliminate waste, optimize spending with Pi Cloud's cost optimization.

Cost Optimization

Assessing and implementing cost optimization mechanisms to eliminate resource mismanagement, fund leakage and cost escalation.

Develop a plan for seamless, secure migration of sensitive data across platforms.

Security, Risk and Compliance

Develop an integrated risk management and mitigation plan to ensure seamless cross platform migration of sensitive workloads

Expertly architect, migrate, & manage your database services.


Architect, migrate, and administer wide range of managed database services in line with specific requirements

Leverage automation & best practices to fast-track your DevOps journey.


Accelerate your path to DevOps by leveraging automation, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and engineering best practices

Deploy, monitor, & optimize infrastructure. We handle OS issues & licenses.

Deployment & Provisioning

Infrastructure deployment, monitoring and optimisation | OS issues troubleshooting and resolving | Providing OS licenses